Fifth Grade

Welcome! My name is Mr. Derek Gray. I am the Fifth Grade teacher.


Welcome to Fifth grade:

Math Mad minute will be on Wednesday 11:00-11:45. Make sure your son or daughter studies

Composition books: Students need to make sure they have their books for note taking.


Parents please sign-up for under fifth grade

Book Reports/Projects

Historian Project: January 25, 2018

Book Report# 1- January 25, 2018 (Count as a book report)

Science Projects: April 18,2018

Book Report# 2- May 29, 2018



Math: word problems 1-20

Phonics: Segment, Blend, write syllables and underline short vowels in words: number, winter, problem, after, finger, sister

Write these words 10x each: hymn, blister, shovel, wobble, breath, direct, promise, numb, crush, gasp



Math: Finish Math Mad Minute equations

Do word problems 1-20

ELA writing: Write a personal narrative about yourself 10 to 15 sentences.

Religion: Study for Test (school prayer)



ELA Writing :  Re-write personal narrative

Religion: Study School prayer for Test tomorrow



Math: Word problems worksheet 1-10

Phonics Write Day 3 words 10x each

ELA Writing: Revise personal narratives

Religion: Finish the illustration on how you can show you are a disciple of Jesus Christ



ELA Comprehension: Read the story and respond to questions in complete sentences

Math: Word problems 1-10/ finish M.M.M. multiplication equations

Phonics: Study day 3 words for test tomorrow and create sentences from the Day 3 words using more than 5 words



Science finish your drawing and copy chart on p. A10 A11

S.S. Finish reading Ch.1 p.3-13

ELA writing: Practice personal narratives in front of parents



Religion: Write two paragraphs on some of the ways to say No to God

S.S.: Read p.14-24 write nine more facts between the assigned pages

Science Draw, label, color the plant cell and respond to questions 1-4



ELA: Finish questions #4 and 5 from the story Curious Careers. Write all ques. and respond complete sentences.

Read Goldilocks and respond ques. in complete sentences

Math: Study for Math Mad Minute

Science Draw, label, Color the animal Cell and redo Plant Cell

S.S. p. 23 and 24 Copy the Chapter 1 Summary and the American Larder



Math: Word problems 1-10

ELA: Read and respond to questions in a complete sentences

Phonics: Write Week 2  Day 2 words in a sentence using more than 5 words



Science: Draw, Label, Color and function on p. A17 Inside a root.

Write 12 facts between A16-A20 write the pg#

Social Studies: 15 facts between pg. 25-35 write a pg#

Phonics: Study for the test and write words in ABC order also 7x each.



ELA finish the story Best friends Blues questions

Social Studies: Read p.33-40 and respond to board questions 1-8

Religion: Study for Test and write prayer 8x



Math: p.10 1-15 take composition book for assistance

Phonics Finish Week 2 Day 4 words

Science: P.A22 Study animal and plant cell for Test

Religion: Study for  Test



No homework : Field trip





ELA Reading: Finish Flipbook How To Make Animations

Science: Study for Test on Animal and Plant Cell



Math worksheet 1-14

Social Studies: Read 37-40 Writ Chapter 2 summary notes and American Larder

Phonics:Write Day 2 words in a sentence using more than five words

Science: Study for Make up Test on Animal and Plant Cell



Science: Read A24-A30 sign test by parents. Take Science book home

Math: Worksheet, Study MMM

Phonics: Study for the Test, Write Day 3 words 10x

Religion: Finish prayer and decorate on good choices.




Math: Worksheet Greatest to Least

Science Do questions 1-4 A28-30

Phonics: Study for test

S.S. Ch 3 Read p. 45-50



Religion: p. 20-21 Copy We Gather, We Believe stop at the word father

Social Studies: Write 20 facts  Ch 3 Read p. 45-50

Math: Worksheet



Math book p.13 1-15

Religion: Finish Religion p.22-23

Phonics: Finish crossword puzzle Day 4 and 5 words Week 3

Social Studies: Read p.55-62 Stop at Intro California.



Math: Finish M.M.M Finish p13 16-25

Phonics: Write sentences using coordinating conjunctions words and

Week Day 1 words

Science: Read A38-A43 Draw, label and color the mouth



No homework




Clean-up day



Math: finish MMM Study for test

Finish work yesterday

Reading: Flip book Tsunamis and Earthquakes

Phonics Week 4 Day 2 words 10x each and abc order

Ela language conjunction worksheet

S.S read p.56-66 Do 25 facts

Science: word search



Science: Finish p A.40 finish drawing labeling



Religion: Do p.26 and 27 We gather and We believe, do the assignment under

we respond.

Math: Do board problems rounding to the nearest tenth

Phonics: Write words in ABC order in composition book

ELA Writing: Finish writing  summary on Mr. Gray Sickness



Math: board problems  round to the nearest hundredth

Study for MMM

ELA Write a summary on the Astronomy project

Phonics Test




Math: Finish MMM and do worksheet round to the nearest thousandth

Reading: Fix the mistakes with The astronomy Project

ELA: Run on sentence worksheet

Study for Science and Phonic test


Religion: p.28-29 Do the project, disciple, Saint news, Make it happen

ELA Conjunction worksheet



Math: board problems 1-10

ELA writing: Coordinating conjunction

Phonics: 10x each



Religion: Chapter Test p.30 1-10

Social Studies; Re-read 65-67 and write Chapter 3 summary notes

Math: Study for MMM

Phonics Write Day 2 words 10x each.



ELA: Finish your Exemplar on Energy Source

Math: Create 12 problems of rounding to the nearest thousandth ex: 16.4567 and complete them

Science: Bring @ liter Soda botttle.




Science: Bring @ liter Soda bottle.

S.S Read CH 4 69-79

Phonics: Day 3 W5 words abc order

Mathbook: 89 1-15



Math: 16-30 p.89

ELA: Write a summary on the energy source

S.S. 69-79 Ch.4 15 facts



Math: Math Mad Minute

Phonics: Study for Test



Religion: 32 and 33 create 6 ways that you can share the good news

Science Read the Circulatory system  A56-A59 do ques 1-4

On A 59 Draw, label and color circulation of the heart A57

Phonics: Create a story using day 3 words



Math: board problems 1-13

Phonics: Finish crossword puzzle Week 5 day 5

ELA: Complete Exemplar on dodgeball city

Religion: Complete We gather and Copy 34 and 35



Math: board problems 1-12

ELA: Summary on Recess Dodgeball city

Social Studies: Write 25 facts p.69-79



Math: Finish MMM

Science: Read A62-66 and review A56-59 for a pop quiz

Social Studies: Read p.80-87



Social Studies: Finish reading  Ch.4 88-89

Do chapter  checkpoint ques. 1-10 p.90 write all ques.

Copy chapter 4 Summary 89-90 Finish 25 facts between 69-79


Religion: Complete We Gather Copy 34 and 35



Phonics 10x and abc order

Religion: T.V. commercial using the storyboard minimum 6 pics maximum 10 pics.

Social Studies: Read ch 5 83-86



Phonics: Do Sentences for Day 2

Math: board problems and study for MMM

Social Studies: Read 83-86 and write 15 facts



ELA: Reading: Fables Find the moral, character, summary, theme

Math: Study for MMM



Social Studies: Read p 93-96 and respond ques. 1-8

Phonics: Study for Test and Finish crossword puzzle

Math: Do problems 1-30 on a separate sheet



ELA Writing: Finish Fables and Complete writing about your Thanksgiving day or vacation

Social Studies: Complete the thirteen fables from the Social Studies book p.98

Math: board problems 1-15



Phonics: ABC order 10 x each Week 7 day 1

Math: board problems 1-21

Religion: Copy 38-39



Science: Read A62-66

Math board problems



Phonics: Day 3 week 7 words in a sentence using more than 6 words

Science: Finish Draw, Label, Color the Excretory System



Math: Board problems 1-15

ELA writing: Write, characters, title,and summary

Social Studies: Read p.100-107



Math: Board problems: 1-15 finish MMM

ELA writing : Title Character, Theme, and Summary (10 to 12 Sentences)

Phonics Day 3 Week 7 words 10x each and ABC order


Science: A64 Draw, label, Color the epidermis (skin)

Social Studies: Write 30  facts  between the pages 95-107



Math: Finish morning problems and additional problems

ELA: Finish fable Outline  include the flow map

Social Studies: Read 108-110 and study the thirteen colonies



Math worksheet

Science: Do p67

Reflect and evaluate Do questions 1-9 Word Power and Check What you know



Social Studies: Study for 13 colonies

Math: Study for Math Mad minute



Math: Board problems  1-9

Phonics Finish crossword puzzle Week 7 Day 5