Fifth Grade

man_thumbnail_102x127Welcome to 5th Grade! My name is Mr. Philip Gough I was born in Chicago, IL and spent the majority of my life living there. I am the youngest of a very large family who are extremely important to me. I am the product of Catholic schools and have attended Catholic schools for the entirety of my education. I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Catholic Studies at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. I played 4 years of Varsity football at Holy Cross and look forward into providing OLV with various sports programs. I am currently enrolled in a Masters in Education program at University of Notre Dame. I love sports, nature, music, and especially love to dance! This is my first year teaching but I cannot wait to bring energy, enthusiasm, and a spirit of faith to our Lady of Victory!


Welcome Back fifth grade!!!work on historian projects. Happy researching!!!!

Book Reports/Projects

Historian Project: January 25, 2017

Book Report# 1- January 25, 2017 (Count as a book report)

Book Report# 2- May 29, 2017

Science Projects: April 25,2017



Religion: November Act of Contrition, April Morning Offering Memorare

Sci: Plant and Animal cell and A29 Diagram of the mouth (assignment)

Math: Adding Subtract, Multiplication, Division and Multiplication, Geometry

Spelling: Words to define and recognize the spelling


Finals Monday – Tuesday 6/12- 6/13

Religion: November Act of Contrition, April Morning Offering Memorare

Sci: Plant and Animal cell and A29 Diagram of the mouth

Math: Adding Subtract, Multiplication, Division and Multiplication, Geometry

Spelling: TBA



No Homework


No homework



Math: Geometric Ideas Identify angles

Phonics 1,2,3 10x each



Reading:Novel 7 unknown words/Phrase

Math: worksheet dividing whole fractions 1-15




Math: 1-20 dividing fractions with whole and mixed fractions.

Make sure to study Geometry notes

Reading: Read a book and write the phrases of the unknown words

and give the meaning of the word.

Science: Read B10-b-17

S.S. Read Ch. 9 187-197



Math: worksheet 1-10 Geometric ideas

Science: Read B10-B17

Reading: Read Horses and respond to questions 1-5


Math: Mathbook p.332 take notes on Vocabulary and worksheet

S.S Read 181- 183 and write Ch 8 Summary

ELA Phonics: Create sentences using more than 7 words


Math:  Dividing/Multiplying 1-20

Ela Phonics: write Day 1,2,3  1ox

Study  for Test

Science: A86-A92 (read) Do wrap questions 1-4 Write all questions.


Math workbook: p 6-1 pg.

Religion:  Write monthly prayers 2

Social Studies: Read 168- 181 (Top)


ELA writing: Do double negatives/ Form of good and Bad 1-10

Math workbook: R 6-1 p.73

Phonics  Day 2 words: Create sentences using more than 6 words

Religion: Write the monthly prayers all twice



Math: Create 10 division fractions 10

S.S.: Finish Puerto Rico Art work


Religion: Finish 61-63 Do we gather and We respond  and create a prayer

Math: Put Geometry notes on index cards

ELA writing; Put 5 metaphors into your own words


ELA Writing : 6 metaphors put it in your own words

Math : Do p. 501 1-15 and take notes on geometric ideas and p.  328-329

and 331



Phonics Study for Test/ Write words  10x Day 3

Math workbook R 8-13 p113

S.S. Read 159- 168

Religion: Finish Religion for homework.



Science: Write a summary

ELA: Metaphors write in own words

Math: Dividing and Mutiplying fractions


ELA writing: forms of good and bad 1-5

and Double negatives 1-5

Religion: Create  a paper about Easter day and draw

an illustration

S.S Read 143-158- 35 facts


ELA: Similies Explain in your own words

Math: Simplify Mulitplication Fractions


Science: Germination seed

Math: board problems


Math: BP 1-15 Multiplying mixed numbers (multiply the numerators that are two by two)

Science: Take notes on the germinating of  apple seed until 24 of April and convert your notes into narrative form

about the 40 kinds of fruit tree (10 to 12)

ELA writing: Recess Identify relationships (10 to 15)





Math: BP 1-15 Multiplying mixed numbers

Science: Take notes on the germinating of  apple seed until 24 of April

Phonics- Create crossword puzzle with week 10 day 3 words


Math: Graph the coordinates and do multiplying fractions

Religion: Finish p.53-55

Science: Bring supplies



Math: Geometry Graph the coordinates

Science: Convert notes on the life cycle of the salmon into narrative form. 10 to 15 sentences.



Math:  board problems 1-125

ELA writing Convert notes from the episodes of recess into narrative form 10 to 15 sentences.

Science In narrative form discuss the life cycle of the cicadas.


Math: Create the graph and change the questions to fit the graph and respond to ques. 1-11

ELA writing: Turn your notes into a narrative discussing the relationships that took place in the video and how they interact with each other and others. Using 5 methods of indirect characterization Speech, action, looks, thoughts, Relationship.

Phonics: Create Sentences using  Day 1 words (using more than 5 words)



Math: Redo last night problems the way we did in class.

Do the math worksheet 1-15

Reading: Read The mystery of the broken Pie and do ques. 1-5 (write questions)

Science: Do wrap up questions A79 Write questions




Math: Board problems 1-15

ELA writing: Turn your notes into a narrative discussing the relationships that took place in the video and how they interact with each other and others. Using 5 methods of indirect characterization Speech, action, looks, thoughts, Relationship

ELA: Write Day 1, 2, words 10x each



ELA writing: Watch T.V. for about 30 mins:Analyze relationships and how they interact with each other and others. Using 5 methods Speech, action, looks, thoughts, Relationship

S.S. Finish Reading 124-top of 131 respond ques. 1-7

and draw, label, color write caption of map 123.

Math: Board problems


ELA writing: Watch T.V. for about 30 min. Analyze relationships and how they interact with each other and others.

Discuss  what events is going on while the characters interact.

Math work book: P8-10

Science: Read p. A76-78





ELA: Reading/writing: Do a double bubble map and write in narrative form Compare and Contrast four fables

Math: Finish p.498 21-33

ELA Phonics: Day 1,2,3 10x each and study for Test.



Phonics: Create sentences with more than 5 word for Day 2 words.

Ela writing/reading : Compare and Contrast motorcycle and Car, and  big wrestler vs. small wrestler.

Math book p. 497 1-20


Math book: do p. 281 3-8 Write notes on p. 497 Ex A and B and Step 1,2,3

Religion: Finish lent assignment and read p.36-39

Science Draw, label and color, life cycle of the Stag beetle as well as life cycles of three insects

3/ 7/17

S.S. Read p.104-109 Do 25 facts

Science: Do wrap it up questions 1-4 A79

Religion: Go over reading for Station of the Cross.


Math: Do Line plot worksheet

Religion: Copy p.51 As Catholics and respond to the

topic We Respond using 10 to 12 sentences

Science A72-A75 A76-A78



Math: respond to ques. 1-7 for your graph

ELA Phonics: Create Crossword Day 1 words

Religion: Copy everything under WE Believe p.48-49

and create a magazine ad that tells about the Sacraments




Math workbook: P5-9

Social Studies: Read p.91-108


ELA writing Compare the characters and contrast the settings for the 4 fables

Math: Pie graph and pictograph 1-17

Phonics: Study for Phonics Test

S.S. Read 81-89 Write chapter 4 summary notes


Math: Worksheets 1-20

ElA Writing Compare two fables. Compare the settings and contrast the characters (10 to 12 )


ELA Phonics: Write Day 2 words 10x and do the syllables for Day 1 and 2

ex: 1. overdue     over’due     2


No Homework



Math: p.247 Do questions 1-9

Writing: Compare and contrast the settings, fables



Math book: P5-3 p.62, P5-7 p.66

Science: Draw the epidermis  p. A64



Religion: Copy all that is under WE Believe on p. 46 and 47

Science: Draw and Label Excretory system p.A62




Religion: create 4 poems on P.45 from the sacraments you haven’t

created for



Math workbook: P 5-2, R 5-2

Science: Read A62-66 and do wrap up ques. 1-4 and write 20 facts

Religion Create 3 poems of the sacraments



Science: Read A58-59 Do ques. 1-4 (write ques.)

Do 15 facts

Math: Take Notes on p.260 up to Talk About it.


Math: Study for Test on Tuesday

S.S. Study for Test on Tuesday


Math: Study for Test on Tuesday

S.S. Study for Test on Tuesday


Math workbook: P 7-10 p. 94 all

p 3-10 p.41 1-6

R 8-5 p. 105 all

Social Studies: current event


Do board problems 1-16 GCF and LCM review for TEST



ELA Writing: Fables

Math: Do p. 463, 465, 467 5 problems from each page.



Math: B.P 1-15/Study M.M.M

ELA Phonics: ELA Test Day 1,2,3

ELA Writing: Finish Fables



Math: Study for Math Mad  Minute



S.S. Work on Historian Project

ELA Phonics/Writing: Write a short story using week 7 day 1 and 2 words.

Math: board problems 1-16



Math: board problems 1-16

S.S.: sign from Thursday last week. and continue work on Historian project.


12/14/16 – 10 board problems subtract mixed fractions (both ways)


7 board problems subtract mixed fractions (both ways)

12/8- 12 /12 – No homework



Science: Study the mouth

bring bottle for project

Music: rehearse Holly Jolly Christmas and attire for program white shirt and black pants,

Christmas hat

Math: Study for Math mad Minute


Math book: p 477 15-24

Study for (Math mad minute)

S.S. Read p. 62-67 Ch 3

Science: Study for quiz on the mouth A39



Math: p.477 1-14

Science: bring a bottle



No homework




No homework



11/30/16 (re -d0) for any students who didn’t their work

ELA writing: Run on sentence worksheet and do storyboard on Thanksgiving break

ELA Phonics: Write today words 10x each

S.S. Read 53-63 and do questions 1-10 from p. 50-55

Math: Study for Math mad minute



Math: p.467-1-15

ELA writing: Run on sentence worksheet and do storyboard on Thanksgiving break

ELA Phonics: Write today words 10x each

S.S. Read 53-63 and do questions 1-10 from p. 50-55


Math workbook: R 8-4, P 8-4

Ela Reading: Finish work

S.S Read p.52-60


Science: Read p. A38-A42 Write 35 facts and page # A38- A42

Draw, label, color the adult’s mouth. A 39

Religion: finish Parables for homework (10 to 12 sentences )



No homework



ElA writing: Finish writing your current event

Math: Study for Math Mad Minute



ELA- Writing: Complete 5 run-on sentences

ELA- fluency Read news article for current event


S.S. 35 facts 51-58


Math: (Whatever multiplication you are on in M.M.M)

ELA: Words Day 2 words 10x each

S.S. Watch the election do a summary


Religion: Billboard Advertisement” Calling people to be disciples of Jesus.

Math workbook: p.87 p 7-3, R 7-3


Math workbook: P 7-7 p. 91, R 7-8 p. 92 R 7-9 93, R 7-10 p. 94

S.S. Write the Name, State, Capital

ELA Phonics: Telephone, te’le’phone, 3

Science: Reflect and Evaluate 1-12 p. A31


Math: finish math mad minute

Math workbook: LCD R 8-3 p.103

P 8-3 p.103


ELA: Phonics- finish word puzzle

Math: Worksheet ( array, computation, color keywords)

Religion: p.20-21 (read 6 pictures) reflection: What are you grateful for?

(5 to 10 sentences)


ELA: Cliches 1-5 respond to the cliches

Math: board word problems 1-5 (computation, array, what color green or red, circle keywords)

Social Studies: Write and respond to questions 5-10

Religion: Worksheet.



Math: Study for math mad minute



ELA Writing: Cliches put them into your own words

Math workbook : P 8-1

Math: (study for math mad minute)

S.S. Finish writing states in their respective region



Science: Read p.A 28-29. Draw, label color the illustration of the frog.

Math: (board problems) 1-14

S.S. : Find the capitals for each state


ELA: Write phonics words in  ABC order and create sentences for each words using more than 5 words in a sentence.



Math:Finish mad math minute



Math: p.460 13-25

Read: Read a book and write a summary. (10 to 15 sentences)

Use time order words, and indent (start of a paragraphs)



Math: p.460 1-12

ELA phonics: Write word 10x

S.S. Draw label, color map 36-37

and respond to board questions 1-7




Math: p.464 18-28

ELA Writing: Practice on presentations for Story board ( Storyboard, story, index cards) due tomorrow

Religion: Write a summary on the story of Abraham (7 to 10)



Math: p.464 1-17



Math: Study for Math mad minute and write notes for pg. 464 start from the top and examples.

Social Studies: Respond to board questions 1-10 for Chapter 2 25-31


Math: Parents sign test go over any math problems. The students did the pro-

blems over that they did wrong.

Make-up is Tuesday 10/11/16

S.S. write 35 facts from p. 31-40 Ch 2 and read p.42-43



Social Studies: Read p.31-40 chapter 2

ELA phonics: Create sentences using 5 words and more using vocabulary words

(sigh, twice, shown, tonight, remote, require, reproach, defy, plight, opponent)

ex: The ball was thrown twice at the girl at recess.



Science: Finish drawing on p. A23raw, label, and color

Study for Science Vocabulary quiz tomorrow p.A13

Math: Study for Test tomorrow

ELA Writing: Students who didn’t do their STORY for their




ELA: Phonics Write words 10x each

Social Studies: Read Ch 2 p.25-31

Math: board problems 1-18



Social Studies: Write 35 facts for chapter 1 2-23

Math: p.471 15-36

ELA: Reading: Read the story and respond questions 1-3



Last Week of School (fifth)

Welcome to the final week of 5th grade! It has been a pleasure leading the fifth grade through this year. We have grown in so many ways. This week will be a unique schedule and each afternoon will filled with Victory week activities

Monday- Movie day

Tues- Flag Day (faith families)

Wed- Faith Family Rosaries

Th- Field Day

Fr- Water Day/Hot Dog Picnic (12 pm dismissal)

We will be having our class party on Th to celebrate a year of success. Students are not required to bring anything!

Reminder- Please have your child reading and practicing their multiplication facts over the summer! This will prepare them and keep them ready for sixth grade. Also, school begins on the 22nd of August. We look forward to seeing everyone then. Have a safe and blessed summer!

Week of May 31

5th updates

Reading- We will be continuing out work with multimedia in informational text. There will be an assessment on Friday.

Please have students continue to read 20 minutes per night!

Math HW- Tuesday0 P 624 #12-20. Wed- No HW

Th- P 653 #1-10 Fri- No HW

6th Math

Tues- P 625 #4-6, 8-11. Th- Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Review sheet. Fri- Quiz on Mean Median, mode, and range.

5/6 updates

5 updates

Fifth will be hosting mass this week. Parents are encouraged to come. It begins at 8:15! Mr. Gough will be gone on Friday, so the class will be with Ms. Perez.

homework: Monday- None (math quiz), Tues- P 530 #9-16. We will be having in class assignments the rest of the week because we will be measuring and converting various objects.


Homework- Monday- P 378 #1-5, and 10-15. Tuesday- Quiz. There will be in class assignments on Thursday and Friday. Students are encouraged to bring calculators if they can. We will be focusing on discounts, sales tax, and percent changes.

5/6 updates


-This week we will be hosting mass on Friday. We encourage all parents and families to attend. Mass will begin around 8:15.

-Math- We will be concluding our work on fraction division this week, concluding with a quiz on Thursday. (Quiz Review Wednesday) We will then begin work on measurement and Area/Perimeter on Friday.


Our work with percents will continue. There will be no class on Thursday because of the field trip to the science center. The homework due for Friday will be page 379 #3-10. We will have an in class assignment on Friday.

5/6 HW

Reminders- This week the DC club will be selling snacks. Please see the handout for details. We will have stations of the cross Wednesday at 815, families are encouraged to attend. There will be Victory day on Thursday. Students may wear green if they pay 1$, which will go to the DC club. Spring break will begin next week with a NOON dismissal on Thursday. As always please stop by my room if you have any questions for me.


Math- Monday- P 417 #6-11. Tues- Quiz. Wed- P 475 #6-13. Th- 477 #7-12. Fri- In class Assignment

6th – We will be concluding our work on Proportions on Tuesday. This will conclude our unit on Proportions, Ratios, and Rates. As a result we will be having our summative test on this unit on Friday.  Monday- Proportions Review Tues- Proportions Quiz TH- Proportions, Ratios, Unit Rate Review Friday- Test

5/6 Weekly update

Welcome to the week of March 6th. We will be having stations of the Cross on Wednesday at 8:10. Parents and families are encouraged to attend.

5th updates.

Math- We will begin our new unit on adding and subtracting fractions this week. There will be Homework on Monday-Th. Monday- Simplifying Fraction Practice, Tues- 461 #11-20, Wed- 465 #13-20. Thurs- Adding and Subtracting Fraction practice. Fri- In lass assignment.

Reading- We will continue our work on Point of View. We will be having assessments on Wed and Thursday.

Writing- We concluded our unit on run away slavery writing. We will begin a mini poetry project this week.

6th Updates

Math- We will continue our work on ratios and percents. Homework is as follows- Monday- p 308 #6-16 Tues- quiz Th-p 317 #1-11. Friday- in class assignment

Religion- the stations of the cross project is due on Friday!

5/6 updats


We will be having our read across america week activities this week. Please see the website for full details.

Math- We will be having our Fractions concept test on Tuesday. The rest of the work will be done in class.


We will begin our work on ratios. Homework will be as follows Monday- P 301 #5-13, Tues P. 304 #17-34, Thurs- In class assignment.


Religion- The stations of the cross handout will begin on Monday, and will be next Next Friday