Second Grade

JonesHi, my name is Mr. Darryl Jones.  I hold a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Union Institute and University and a Masters Degree in Catholic Inclusive Education from Loyola Marymount University. I am the product of Catholic School Education, and attended St. Lawrence Brindisi Elementary School in Los Angeles and Mount Carmel High School also in Los Angeles. To this day, I still consider the virtues taught to me during his early educational years to be a valuable blessing. I use these virtues to help direct my spiritual life today.

I have been a Catholic School teacher for 32 years. I have taught grades 2nd – 6th and even though I have had my challenges I enjoy teaching immensely. I’ve taught at 3 other Catholic Schools in Los Angeles other than Our Lady of Victory.  Also, I have taught in the Compton Unified School District. One of the most rewarding things about teaching for me, is seeing a students face light up when I have taught them a concept that they finally understand.

I loves music and the performing arts. I have had the pleasure of performing with a number of Los Angeles Gospel Choirs. I am passionate about traveling and someday plan to visit Europe, The Holy Lands, and Africa. Incidentally, I am interested in collecting artifacts, books and artwork related to the African American experience and culture.

Homework for Nov.14-17, 2016

Monday 11/14- Reading- Do log, Math-Do sheet, Phonics- Do p.159

Tuesday 11/15- Reading- Do log,  Math- Make up 8 problems using Tens and Ones, Phonics- Do p.160

Wednesday 11/16- Reading-Do log, Phonics- Do p.163, Math- Do sheet

Thursday 11/17 -Reading-Do log, Phonics- Do sheet, Science- Do activity sheet

Homework for week of May 30-June 2, 2016

Monday 5-30 – Memorial Day No School

Tuesday 5-31 Reading – Do log,  Math- Do p.216 3-4 only, Reading Comp. Do p.19

Wednesday 6-1 Reading -Do log, Reading Comp. – Do p.20,  Math- Do practice sheet

Thursday 6-2 Reading – Do log,  Reading Comp. -Do p.21,  Math-  Do  practice sheet

Bring cans and please remember  to return the field trip slip this Friday, June 3, 2016.

Fitness Fun

The LAST Fitness Fun practice will be this Thursday, June 2nd from 3:15 to 3:45. Thank you for your participation!


Ms. Corriston and Ms. Alvarado

Homework for the week of 5-23-5-26, 2016

Monday 5-23 Reading- Do log, Math- Study practice sheet, Phonics- Study dictation, do p.162, Bring cans

Tuesday 5-24 Reading- Do log, Reading Comp. Do p.14, Math- Do practice sheet, Bring cans

Wednesday 5-25 Reading- Do log, Reading Comp. Do p.26, Math- Do p. 69, Bring cans

Thursday 5-26 Reading -Do log, Reading Comp. Do p. 28, Math- Do practice sheet, Bring cans

Parents please make sure that your child brings a set of cans to school by June 6th. We need the cans to enter the aquarium.

Homework for April 16-19, 2016

Monday 5/16 Reading -Do log,   Phonics – Do p.200

Tuesday 5/17 Reading- Do log,  Phonics- Do p.198,  Math- Do p.212

Wednesday 5/18 Reading- Do log,  Phonics- Do practice sheet, Math-Do practice sheet

Thursday 5/19 Reading -Do log, Phonics- Do practice sheet, Math-Do practice sheet

Homework for week of May 9-12, 2016

Monday 5/9    No School

Tuesday 5/10 Reading- Do log, Math- Do p.59, Phonics- Do p.212

Wednesday 5/11 Reading- Do log,  Math-Do practice sheet, Phonics- Do p.212 11-20

Thursday 5/12 Reading – Do log,  Phonics- Do practice sheet, Science- Answer question at the bottom of p.A47

Homework for 5-2-16 to 5-5-16

Monday 5-2  Reading -Do log, Finish packet

Tuesday 5-3 Reading -Do log, Phonics- Study dictation, Do p.211

Wednesday 5-4 Reading -Do log

Thursday 5-5 Reading- Do log, Phonics- Study dictation, Do practice sheet, Math – Do practice sheet

Homework for April 25-28, 2016

Monday 4/25 Reading- Do log,  Phonics-Study dictation- Do p.195, Social Studies- Do questions on p.87 and finish flow chart, Religion- Study prayers

Tuesday 4/26 Reading- Do log, Phonics- Study dictation-Do p.196   Math-Do p.178, Religion- Study prayers

Wednesday 4/27 Reading- Do log, Phonics- Study dictation-Do p.197, Math- Do p.57

Thursday 4/28 Reading- Do log, Phonics-Study dictation-Do p.198, Math-Do practice sheet

Homework for April 18-21, 2016

Monday- 4/18- Reading- Do log,  Math- Do sheet p.145,   Religion-Study Prayers, Phonics- Study dictation -Do p. 228

Tuesday 4/19 Reading – Do log,  Religion- Study Prayers, Phonics- Study dictation-Do p.22,  Math- Do p.48

Wednesday 4/20 Reading- Do log, Religion- Study Prayers,   Phonics- Study dictation- Do p.197,  Math- Do p.49

Thursday 4/21  Reading- Do log,  Religion- Study Prayers,  Phonics- Study dictation- Do p.198, Math- Do p.49

Homework for 2/15/16 to 2/18/16

Monday 2/15- No School

Tuesday 2/16 Reading- Do log, Religion – Finish p. 160,  Phonics- Do p. 170

Wednesday 2/17 Reading- Do log, Math- Do sheet p.36,  Phonics- Do p. 171

Thursday 2/18 Reading- Do log, Phonics – Do p. 172, Math – Do practice sheet

Parents thank you so much for helping your child to complete the African Amer. History Project. I haven’t obviously been able to read them yet, but they look great.


Mr. Jones