Sixth Grade

woman_thumbnail_102x127Hi, my name is Ms. Myra Larios.

Week of May 31

5th updates

Reading- We will be continuing out work with multimedia in informational text. There will be an assessment on Friday.

Please have students continue to read 20 minutes per night!

Math HW- Tuesday0 P 624 #12-20. Wed- No HW

Th- P 653 #1-10 Fri- No HW

6th Math

Tues- P 625 #4-6, 8-11. Th- Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Review sheet. Fri- Quiz on Mean Median, mode, and range.


Tuesday Homework-Page 324, 1-17

-Write the question and answer

-Test on Wednesday-Section 1


Social studies

Quiz on Friday- section 3 questions page 275

5/6 updates

5 updates

Fifth will be hosting mass this week. Parents are encouraged to come. It begins at 8:15! Mr. Gough will be gone on Friday, so the class will be with Ms. Perez.

homework: Monday- None (math quiz), Tues- P 530 #9-16. We will be having in class assignments the rest of the week because we will be measuring and converting various objects.


Homework- Monday- P 378 #1-5, and 10-15. Tuesday- Quiz. There will be in class assignments on Thursday and Friday. Students are encouraged to bring calculators if they can. We will be focusing on discounts, sales tax, and percent changes.

Heat and Heat Technology Test

Study for chapter 9 test on Tuesday 4/26

5/6 updates


-This week we will be hosting mass on Friday. We encourage all parents and families to attend. Mass will begin around 8:15.

-Math- We will be concluding our work on fraction division this week, concluding with a quiz on Thursday. (Quiz Review Wednesday) We will then begin work on measurement and Area/Perimeter on Friday.


Our work with percents will continue. There will be no class on Thursday because of the field trip to the science center. The homework due for Friday will be page 379 #3-10. We will have an in class assignment on Friday.

Spring Break

The second trimester reports cards will be sent home on Wednesday, March 23, in the Wednesday envelope.

Thursday, March 24th is our last day before we go on break. School will be out at 12:00

School will resume April 11.  Enjoy your break.

Happy Easter!


5/6 HW

Reminders- This week the DC club will be selling snacks. Please see the handout for details. We will have stations of the cross Wednesday at 815, families are encouraged to attend. There will be Victory day on Thursday. Students may wear green if they pay 1$, which will go to the DC club. Spring break will begin next week with a NOON dismissal on Thursday. As always please stop by my room if you have any questions for me.


Math- Monday- P 417 #6-11. Tues- Quiz. Wed- P 475 #6-13. Th- 477 #7-12. Fri- In class Assignment

6th – We will be concluding our work on Proportions on Tuesday. This will conclude our unit on Proportions, Ratios, and Rates. As a result we will be having our summative test on this unit on Friday.  Monday- Proportions Review Tues- Proportions Quiz TH- Proportions, Ratios, Unit Rate Review Friday- Test

5/6 Weekly update

Welcome to the week of March 6th. We will be having stations of the Cross on Wednesday at 8:10. Parents and families are encouraged to attend.

5th updates.

Math- We will begin our new unit on adding and subtracting fractions this week. There will be Homework on Monday-Th. Monday- Simplifying Fraction Practice, Tues- 461 #11-20, Wed- 465 #13-20. Thurs- Adding and Subtracting Fraction practice. Fri- In lass assignment.

Reading- We will continue our work on Point of View. We will be having assessments on Wed and Thursday.

Writing- We concluded our unit on run away slavery writing. We will begin a mini poetry project this week.

6th Updates

Math- We will continue our work on ratios and percents. Homework is as follows- Monday- p 308 #6-16 Tues- quiz Th-p 317 #1-11. Friday- in class assignment

Religion- the stations of the cross project is due on Friday!

5/6 updats


We will be having our read across america week activities this week. Please see the website for full details.

Math- We will be having our Fractions concept test on Tuesday. The rest of the work will be done in class.


We will begin our work on ratios. Homework will be as follows Monday- P 301 #5-13, Tues P. 304 #17-34, Thurs- In class assignment.


Religion- The stations of the cross handout will begin on Monday, and will be next Next Friday