Transitional Kindergarten

Welcome! My name is Ms. Silvia Martinez. I am the Transitional Kindergarten teacher.

Important dates for Tk Parents

Parent’s we will be having Back to School Night September 7, 2017 from 6-8pm. We hope you could all join us I will be giving out some important information about communication within the parents and teacher with the apps we are going to try out this school year (remind and ClassDojo). Also please remember that P.E. is every Tuesdays, your child has to wear his/her P.E. uniform. Homework will begin on September 5, 2017, please be aware that students need to turn in their homework every Fridays.

God Bless,
Mrs. Martinez

Welcome to our TK class

Dear parents,
Welcome parents and family to our 2017-2018 TK school year. It is a pleasure to have your child in our class. To start off the year right, we are sending you this key point that has been assembled to help you understand our homework requirements and other important information that will enable us to make this a very positive and rewarding year. We feel as though open lines of communication between the parents, students and teachers are the key to promoting an educational climate that is conducive to learning. We are looking forward to work with you and your child together we can make a difference; you can help by sending us well-rested children with full tummies and hug and a kiss still fresh on their mind. This set a stage for a lovely day. Please feel free to contact us anytime if there is a question or a situation you would like to discuss. You will receive additional communication throughout the school year. We look forward to building a relationship with you and your child

Supply list
Backpack (No Wheels)
2 Pocket Folders
3 Boxes of kleenex (150 count each)
1 pack of color construction paper(lakeshore store)
1 pack of white paper
3 clorox disinfecting wipes (75 wet wipes each bucket)
1 pencil box
1 sleeping map
2 reams of kindergarten handwriting paper(lakeshore store)
1 pair of extra clothes inside a ziploc bag with their name
2 boxes of baby wipes
2 rolls of paper towels
1 pair of safety scissors
1 box of crayolas crayons
2 bottles of hand sanitizer
Headphones inside a ziploc bag with their name
1 small size blanket (something they are able to fold on their own)

Lakeshore Store
2695 E. Dominguez St, Carson ca 90895
310 537-4778

Homework will be given out every Monday and it has to be turn in every Friday. The students MUST bring their homework folder every day to class; it’s something that must be turn in as soon as they walk into the classroom, your child does not have to bring his/ her homework every day. Homework package can stay home but the folder has to be brought to class with them every day. The reason for this is because in that folder the students have a calendar and a Behavior code chart. As teachers we need that calendar to communicate with you and let know how your child behavior was for the day.

Physical Education for TK is every Tuesday; please have the students wear their P.E clothes on that day only.

Please, students must wear their complete uniform, with black shoes (no other colors shoes). Students who receive 3 warning for not having the complete uniform will be sent to the office and they cannot return to class until they have the COMPLETE uniform.

Extra change of clothes
Please if you haven’t so yet, put an extra change of clothes in your child backpack, (the extra clothes dosen’t has to be uniform), please remember that our tk’s do nap and accidents do happen.
Tk Wish list
Parents who donate things from our wish list are able to receive service hours if you show your receipt from your purchase to the office. Every $10 Dollars spend id equal to 1 hour of service hour.

Wish list
Small printer
Child Tricycle

Thank you and God bless
Mrs. Guevara
Mrs. Martinez